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Welcome (Back) to Hollie Arnett Design!

Welcome (Back) to Hollie Arnett Design!



My name is Hollie Arnett: design addict, typography nerd, hand lettering lover and your new business bestie! I currently spend most of my time running my little one-woman design studio, Black & White Studios, as well as being the Wellington host of Design Assembly, and a Senior Design Tutor at Massey University's College of Creative Arts.

If you didn’t know me or just didn’t know about it back then, I used to write a blog and have a YouTube channel called Hollie Arnett Design where I talked a lot about my experience at design school, shared my life as a designer, gave some tips and tricks about design and also did some fun design challenges and games.

I stopped writing & creating videos here a couple of years ago but lately I’ve been craving a space to write honest, vulnerable things about being a designer, running a business, navigating my career and being productive along the way. I also love to teach and share what I know because one of my favourite things ever is seeing other people fall in love with design and experience the joy of being a designer too, so I hoped for a space to do more of that too!

I’ve been writing a bit over at Black & White Studios but that’s more about things that my clients would want to learn and know more about, so there were things that I felt wouldn’t feel right to write about over there, so I’ve brought the old blog back! WHOOP!

(The YouTube channel might get a revival too but I’m trying to stop my bad habits and actually just do one thing at a time for now!)

I’ve got a whole bunch of ideas of things to share and write about and I can’t wait for you to read them. This is also a space for you to ask any of the questions you’ve always wanted to know about being a designer, running a business, smashing those career goals or whatever else you’re just a little nosy about – I know I have those questions for other creatives so that’s what I’m here for! Like I said, I want to be really real and open and scarily a little vulnerable about all these things so please don’t hold back with the questions!

I hope this blog inspires your creativity, empowers you in business and brings a whole bunch of us together in community. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and creating a team of badass creatives who aren’t scared to get real. Let’s do this.

Leading Ladies of Design

Leading Ladies of Design