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11 Practical Tips for Nailing Your Next Client Call

In the branding process, a video consultation call is often the first personal interaction that a potential client has with me. First impressions matter so it’s important to get this first meeting right to set the tone for the project and start the relationship off on the right foot. I’ve been having these discovery calls with clients all throughout my freelancing career and have at least one a week at Black & White Studios so I’ve picked up a few quick tips along the way that I hope will help you ace your meetings and lock in that client!

Why I didn’t achieve any of my 2018 business goals

At the beginning of last year, I wrote a blog post over on Black & White Studios about the 5 big business goals I wanted to smash in 2018. I was excited, confident, and eager to achieve my dreams, but unfortunately, at the end of the year I had achieved 0 of these goals, and I’m going to tell you five reasons why I think that happened.